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Grading & Haulling
Grading & Hauling

Let us prep & grade, converting a rough piece of ground contoured to anything you have in mind. 

Utility Work

Excavator Man specializes in debris removal, hurricane cleanup, and construction cleanup.

Site Development
Site Development

Excavator Man clears all material, vegetation and trees in order to provide a clean and construction ready site 

Excavation & Demolition

Excavator Man offers complete demolition and excavation

Exceptional Value

Exceptional Value

Our meticulous  attention to efficient management of every projects, assures you that your project costs are kept to a minimum.



Our efficient use of our many resources, ensures you that your project will be completed in a timely manner.

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As a family owned business, we pride ourselves on our exceptional quality and our customers level of satisfaction

Our demolition and excavation capabilities include:

  • Selective Interior/Exterior Demolition

  • Scrap/Concrete Segregation

  • Recycling

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Remediation

  • Excavation

  • Site Grading

  • Foundation Removal

  • Concrete Cutting

Excavation & Demolition
Site development

Excavator Man specializes land clearing, stump removal, grading hauling and raising of properties, installation of underground utilities, drainage, driveway, culverts, french drains, communication pole installation, post hole digging.


For all your land clearing needs from assessment and inspections to final customization.

Site Development

We have the experience and equipment to install:

  • Steel utility poles

  • Aluminum utility poles

  • Fiberglass utility poles

  • Vault boxes

  • Communication boxes

We handle all prep work involved in the installation

Utility work
Utility Work

The most important part of any structure starts with the foundation. Whether it’s a simple house footing or a large commercial structure, we create the best foundation for your building.  We will also grade and level soils, aggregates, mulch and pylons.

When we are finished grading your site, you can count on us to haul ALL refuse, leaving the site clean and ready for your project to proceed. 

Managing Utility Poles
Utility work
Adding utility box
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